Welcome to
Pacific Reproductive Center

(PRC Fertility Clinic in Dubai)

a branch of America’s most trusted fertility clinic, Pacific Reproductive Clinic in California, USA.

Welcome to
Pacific Reproductive Center

(PRC Fertility Clinic Dubai)

a branch of America’s most trusted fertility clinic, Pacific Reproductive Clinic in California, USA.

Having over 40 years of collective IVF experience in the world. And 30 years of existence in America with four branches in California and is now in Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) the seat of medical of tourism in the world today.
In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a suitable alternative that's been around for many years. New artificial reproductive technology makes the technique more effective and reliable.
PRC Fertility Center in Dubai has a 75% success rate with their patients. Giving huge amounts of bundles of joy to parents from all over the world, from India, to Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates.
If you're looking for ART infertility treatment, make sure that your ART IVF clinic follows the latest trends and technology. Our clinic offers top-notch technology and the most competitive IVF cost in Dubai.

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75% success rate
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About PRC

We know how important it is for couples to conceive and how frustrating infertility can be. That’s why fertility medicine should not only be technical labor. It should be administered with personal care and a relentless passion for developing a new life.

How IVF Works

You can be a practical and very organized person. You might not be at risk of any particular disease, and you can follow the doctor’s recommendations. But sometimes, all of that planning and organization can be of little help when it comes to having a baby.


Diagnostic Consultation

Different factors can compromise your ability to conceive, and IVF is not the first-line fertility treatment for every case of infertility. Thus, your first step in a fertility clinic such as PRC Dubai will be a diagnostic consultation.


Hormonal Stimulation and Ovulation

Ovulation induction is an essential step for IVF, but it can also be useful as a standalone fertility treatment. It is not costly and gives a woman a higher chance to get pregnant.


Egg Retrieval and Fertilization

After receiving the trigger shot, you’ll be scheduled for egg retrieval in 36 hours. This process requires local anesthesia and an ultrasound scan to locate the ovaries.


Embryo Culture and Transfer

Now the eggs are fertilized, the embryologist will examine them as they turn into a developing embryo. It will take around 6 days to make sure that they are progressing as expected.


Fertility Follow-ups

After IVF, you won’t be alone in the process. You will be accompanied by our experienced and compassionate fertility team and proceed with follow-up blood tests and doctor visits.


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Our first-rate fertility doctors are certified with extensive experience in

These services, treatments and medications for only 19,900 AED

We are located in Block F, AlRazi Building, in Dubai Healthcare City, and you can have a free consultation today.

Successful Parents

In PRC Dubai, we know that your success stories are our most remarkable feats. That’s why we care so much and make significant efforts to achieve successful parents with a story to tell.

Do you want to hear some of our success stories?

Baby Gallery

Pregnancy is an exciting phase in a woman’s life. It is the development of a new life, a real miracle happening inside a woman’s womb. This gallery shows why we care so much about fertility. It’s beautiful, exciting, and truly fulfilling.

Our Team

Dr. Rifaat Salem (MD, PhD)Medical Director & Chairman

Dr. Rifaat Salem is a Founder and Medical Director of PRC Fertility Center in Dubai. He is a renowned highly qualified and experienced infertility specialist.

Dr. Latouna MouradAMD

Dr.Latouna as a published research scientist and having trained under some of the top fertility physicians in the world

Morad M. MoradManaging Director

Our Happy Clients


We are very thankful to all the PRC staff and most especially to Dr. Salem and Dr. Latona for their professionalism and skilled approach to couple like us who have been dreaming to have a child for years. When we first approached them , we already felt that they are the right center and right people to make our dream come true. We are just low earners in Dubai and we are so thankful because they have given us an affordable package without compromising the quality of their service with the help of Allah.

Once again, thank you so much PRC!

You were a part of the most magical day of my life --- and that is the day when is became a Mother.


Mrs. Mahmood
We almost lost hope in trying to conceive our first child, and we were already considering adoption, at that. However, a family friend suggested trying IVF. It was a risk we wanted to take. This treatment is usually costly, but with PRC, we were able to afford it. I am very thankful for their world-class service.

I am very grateful for their help. I’m now in my second semester, and I couldn’t be more excited in welcoming my firstborn!

Mrs. Kumar
A huge thank you to Dr. Latona and Salem for guiding me through my IVF journey! I couldn’t be happier upon hearing the news of my pregnancy. I have tried IVF treatment in another clinic in Dubai but after 2 failed attempts and bad experiences, I tried my luck with PRC. And just like a blessing from Allah, my first attempt with them was a success! Now, I am a proud mother to a beautiful baby girl.

We could not have achieved this without their help. Thank you very much PRC!

Mrs. El Sayedb

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